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We are safe from bombs here across the border. And now that we are no longer running to save our lives, we can think about our hunger, about all the necessities like soap for washing, clothes and food. For now, I have no ideas for the future, just sending the children to school and working to make sure I can feed them.
Young woman in Jamam who crossed the border only a few days after giving birth

Since November, some 80,000 refugees from Sudan’s Blue Nile State have sought shelter in two camps located in a remote and barren region of South Sudan where humanitarian organizations are confronting massive logistic challenges to access and assist them. Doctors Without Borders has been running a substantial emergency response, focusing on providing medical care in the camps and in mobile clinics to villages along the border with Sudan, where several thousand more refugees are gathered.
Yet again, donors have turned their backs on people living with HIV and TB in Myanmar. Every day we are confronted with the tragic consequences of these decisions: desperately sick people and unnecessary deaths.
Peter Paul de Groote,
MSF head of mission in Myanmar
Speaking on the tens of thousands of people living with HIV and tuberculosis (TB) in Myanmar who are unable to access lifesaving treatment, a dire situation exacerbated by the recent cancellation of a new round of funding from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria.
Leaving people without drugs is like tying a rope round a person’s neck


Charles, a Kenyan who benefits from access to vital medications that are at risk of being cut off.

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A final curious twist in this story is the professional background of President Assad. He is an ophthalmologist, a doctor bound by the same professional oath as the rest of us. He has broken his contract with society and betrayed his medical colleagues. Perhaps we should all send a letter of complaint.

Dr. Greg Elder
Dr. Greg Elder, MSF dept. director of operations, in a blog he wrote for the British Medical Journal (BMJ) on the humanitarian principles and medical ethics that have become another silent casualty of the conflict in Syria.

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