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Supposed to be on my 4 th year at University right now, most of my friends are going to be graduates this year and I’m not even close to that. Guess everything happens for a reason, but for this I don’t see any reason why it have to be so damn hard. But again I guess it’s those lessons that ‘life is not easy’ but really does it have to be this hard?? Mmhhh. Maybe it will be a happy new year, the day they say I’m actually cured from XDR (be it in June/July) for me that would be a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
22-year-old Phumeza is in her forth year of treatment for tuberculosis and is finding it tough. Please leave your questions, comments and messages of support for Phumeza in the comments box below her blog post. 
After that it was on to our nutrition clinic to see the children remaining as inpatients for the Christmas period. Some of the children and their mothers had got new clothes and most people were happy wishing each other a merry Christmas. Thankfully all of the patients were fairly stable so there was not too much clinical work.
Irish doctor Cormac writes about life in the field in South Sudan over the festive season. Please leave your questions and comments for Cormac below his blog post