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MSF did live up to its set purpose. They were a friend, and not just any but one willing to risk the comforts and lives of their volunteers.
Tears and Thanks from Port Harcourt, as MSF closes its mission there.
Many memories of South Sudan will remain with me forever. Sad memories of seeing first-hand the dire circumstances many people have to endure or of witnessing the death of a small child. Disturbing images like seeing a small boy play with an imitation AK47 possibly trying to mimic his father or other men. But mostly happy memories of seeing a mother’s joy when her child gets better, the appreciation of our staff for training and coaching given, the surprise on people’s faces when I talked to them in my few words of Nuer, of working together with the rest of the team and of the beautiful sunsets.

Sri Lanka: End of Mission

Twenty-six years after first working in the country, we’ve handed over the last remaining projects in the country to the local government and other NGO efforts. Watch the video to learn what it takes to transition care, and empower the community.

We do not carry guns, so we must find other ways to protect ourselves and our patients.
MSF and the Meaning of Accountability, from our 2011 annual report.