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There’s always the next emergency; another child who needs help.

The pharmaceutical company Novartis continues to put profits above people by challenging a seven-year old Indian court ruling that, if overturned, would have a devastating effect on access to generic forms of essential medicines, including HIV medications, in the developing world.


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SomaliaSomalia: Providing Humanitarian Aid on al-Shabab’s Turf

Listen to an interview with MSF’s Duncan Mclean on PRI’s The World - the topic was the Humanitarian Negotiations Revealed book in the context of Somalia.

Duncan Mclean helps manage the group’s work in Somalia. He says that the hospital Doctors Without Borders operates on the outskirts of Mogadishu treats any injured individual, including al-Shabab fighters.

Photo: Somalia, September 2011. (Photo: Yann Libessart/MSF)

Leaving people without drugs is like tying a rope round a person’s neck


Charles, a Kenyan who benefits from access to vital medications that are at risk of being cut off.

Join in on the action and tweet this line:

Help #MSF protect access to affordable meds, tell @Novartis to drop its case vs #India #STOPnovartis

More about the situation in India regarding the law suit with Novartis and what actions YOU can take!