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Every day we see mothers’ efforts in coming to Tari hospital to get medical care for their children. They may walk for two hours, without shoes, carrying their children in their bilums (traditional string bag) to reach the hospital. We see women at the Family Support Center who have suffered domestic violence for many years, but whose primary concern is not themselves, but their children.
Mothers Day is a day to appreciate the women we get to help in our line of work. Thank you to all the mothers around the world. Minja writes about mothers in Papua New Guinea where she is working as a mental health officer with MSF. 
These people had so little for themselves yet they were giving us what little they had.
Angie is touched by local people’s generosity when her team have to alter their vaccination plans due to local insecurity issues. Angie is a doctor working with MSF in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo. Please leave your questions and comments for Angie in the comments box below her blog post.