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We are all exhausted. Most of us started the day tired after a long week and I wasn’t the only one planning a low-key weekend.

Worn out though we are, there are few complaints. This is what we are here for after all. And we would do it all again tomorrow if we had to.

It’s your birthday, you plan to relax, then the call comes in - there are many people wounded by gun shots down the river. Read how MSF nurse Emma and her team in South Sudan leap into action.  
It’s just after midnight in Rutshuru. Tomorrow morning Dr. F, the French anesthetist who arrived here with me, and I leave for Goma. Unfortunately the schedule worked out with me on-call at the hospital and I missed tonight’s farewell party. This morning we had a fairly typical day in the OR, doing 12 procedures between 8am and 1pm including performing a skin graft, placing a traction pin in a patient with a fractured femur, draining a few abscesses, debriding a few wounds plus a handful of dressing changes including two children under the age of three with 2nd degree scald burns over roughly 30% of their bodies plus an eight-month-old who had her foot amputated for an infection two days earlier. I also admitted a 16 year old girl from the ER with chronic osteomyelitis [bone infection] who will need a fairly large operation in the next week or so to remove infected dead bone from her tibia. Chronic osteomyelitis in children is rare in the US but fairly common here in the DRC.
David blogs about his busy last day and says farewell to the Democratic Republic of Congo, for now. Send David some thank you notes and comments or questions below his blog.

24 Hours In Burco Hospital, Part 1: The Emergency Room

The town of Burco (also written as ‘Burao’), in Somaliland, has the largest public hospital in the area and serves at least 350,000 people.

Last year, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) medical teams joined Ministry of Health staff at this eight-ward hospital to start providing high-quality, free medical services. Now, Somali staff work alongside MSF staff from as far away as China and Denmark so that patients with medical emergencies receive quality health care.

The hospital’s emergency room is the point of entry for many patients. More than 4,500 people were seen there during the first nine months of 2012. This first video in a series of three looks at the emergency room.