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Meanwhile, I struggle with another frustration – the importance of language for communication. You can only do so much with sounds, facial expressions, gestures and body language. To go deeper, to discover what’s really inside a person, to really hear their thoughts, at some point you need words.
MSF psychosocial support officer Terry writes about her frustrations in her latest blog post from Tajikistan where she is working with families affected by multi-drug resistant tuberculosis
The father has heard that foreigners come here and experiment on people. Rafiq, the first child we treated with drugs died and the mother reported to others that the drugs we gave Rafiq killed him. This leaves me deeply upset.

Dr. Kartik Chandaria is a doctor writing from Tajikistan where he is working to treat children with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. This is Kartik’s second mission as an MSF doctor. His first was in Liberia in 2007.

Check out his blog.