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MSF’s Kashmir radio soap opera - MSF Weekly Podcast

“Alaw Baya Alaw” - Kashmiri for “Hello Brother, Hello” - has been on the air in the Kashmir Valley since 2005. Its purpose is to raise awareness of mental health issues in an entertaining way.

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In Kashmir, mental health care during a surge of violence - MSF Weekly Podcast

The Kashmir Valley has been in the midst of increasing civil unrest since June. Violent, deadly clashes between protestors and security forces have led to strict 24-hour curfews and an even more pronounced military presence on the streets, the combination of which has kept people from accessing much-needed mental health care. MSF has been providing psychological care in Kashmir since 2002 and since June the team has had to adjust its strategy to in order to reach those who need help the most.

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Jammu and Kashmir: Mental Health Activities Halted Due to Violence, Curfews

MSF halted mental health activities in the Kashmir Valley due to increasing violence & a new curfew.