Posted on 17 January, 2013

In War-Ravaged Syria, MSF Works to Get People Access to Medical Care

Doctors Without Borders is supporting a secret healthcare facility in Idlib Province and continues to try to improve access to medical care in war-ravaged areas.

The combination stressors of unfamiliar climate and diet, not to mention the ideals that lead you into this sort of work in the first place make a lot of people push themselves hard at their jobs – unsurprisingly illness and periods of emotional burnout are not uncommon among the expat workers… only time will tell how I fare. For now I’m going to follow the advice that I’ve been given and hope and pray that my immune system holds up!

“Hello, Emma? Welcome to Nasir, paradise!”

Meet British nurse Emma who has just started her first MSF mission in South Sudan, working with outpatients, childhood immunization and community outreach programs. Please leave your questions and comments for Emma below her blog post