Posted on 13 November, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360 Interviews MSF Director on Hurricane Sandy Efforts 

Anderson Coopers speaks to Sophie Delaunay about our first medical clinics in the United States.

"We learned our lessons from Katrina when we thought the medical needs would be covered, and when we realized there were gaps it was too late for us to react," says Sophie Delaunay.

Ever wonder how doctors get involved with MSF? And what their experience is like working in the field? Take a look into one of our doctor’s journey, and see what called her into action.

MSF Field Report: Decreasing Child Mortality in South Sudan
"Can you go to South Sudan?"

This would be Dr. Lynn Jacoby’s third assignment with Doctors Without Borders. After hearing about the widespread malnutrition in the Batil Camp, she knew she had to help. With her specialty in pediatrics, Dr. Jacoby opened an inpatient therapeutic feeding center to help decrease child mortality. 

Stay tuned for more on Dr. Jacoby’s experience in South Sudan. Next, we will share about her “crazy first day.”